Red River Delta Law Enforcement Planning Council, Inc.

Executive Committee

Purpose: Review and recommend the organization budget and local dues schedule, function as the Board nominating committee and act on business between board meetings.

Audit Committee

Purpose: To meet with the auditor to review audit findings and present the audit report to the board of directors.

Project Priority Committee

Purpose: To review and establish project priorities for JJDP, Byrne/JAG, VAW, and CVA funds.

District Attorney Jay Lemoine, President

Honorable Elvin Fontenot, Vice President

Honorable Billy Bennett, Treasurer

Sheriff Mark Wood, At Large Member

Sheriff Toney Edwards, At Large Member

District Attorney Reed Walters, Chairman

Sheriff Steven McCain

District Attorney Phillip Terrell

Honorable John Davidson, Chairman

Sheriff Sam Craft

Director Angela Chustz

Honorable Billy Bennett

Honorable Chris Peters