Law Enforcement Training (Basic & Correctional)


Act 562 of the 1986 Legislative Session established the “POST Training and Assistance Fund.”   Under provisions of this Act, every person convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or violation of an ordinance of local government is assessed an additional two dollars as special costs.  The proceeds of these special costs are paid to LCLE and are used to train local law enforcement officers in addition to providing  “assistance” to local law enforcement agencies.

Approximately $1.2 million is collected annually and deposited into the Training and Assistance Fund.  Of that $1.2 million, approximately $565,000 is awarded to LCLE on an annual basis to reimburse local agencies for basic and corrections training tuition.   District Program Directors request a draw-down of funds, and subsequently reimburse local agencies in their respective districts at a maximum of $500 for each certified basic graduate and $100 for each certified corrections graduate, $150 for each transition corrections graduate and $250 for officers receiving 218hours corrections training.



The procedure for reimbursement of training funds is as follows:  the Staff of the Peace Officers Standard and Training Council (POST) of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement submits a copy of the roster of graduates from each Basic and Correctional Training class to the District Program Director.

The District Program Director will then request a draw-down of funds from LCLE. The training reimbursement request from the local law enforcement agency is submitted to the Board of Directors of the local Planning District for final approval and checks are released to the law enforcement agency sending officers to the training.  Documentation will be included to provide details of payment reimbursement.